Documentary Project on YU-Nostalgia

March 14, 2009

SEE.ID’s current project is a documentary film on YU-Nostalgia: “Hej Sloveni! YU-Nostalgia as a phenomenon of everyday life” (working title).

YU-Nostalgia: relics and souvenirs at Kalemegdan, Belgrade. By Josefina Bajer.Logline: An inspiring young woman with Yugoslavian background leads on a journey from her home, the diaspora in Berlin, to Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade. The people, places and answers she finds draw a colourful picture of the phenomenon YU-nostalgia. It is most of all a wish to form a peaceful society that is more than capitalism and ethnic defined societies.

The documentary will be shot in summer 2009.

[Picture by Josefina Bajer.]

Here you can find the current version of the concept forthe YU-Nostalgia documentary project, it’s like always: work in progress! -> SEE.ID_nostalgia-concept-english


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