Shooting trip in May

June 6, 2009

The SEE.ID film collective met to proceed with our documentary on YU-Nostalgia! From 20th to 26th May we’ve been together in Klagenfurt, Ljubljana, Izola, Kumrovec and Maribor to shoot some interviews and impressions around the topic.

In Ljubljana, we’ve met inspiring people like the artist Marko Kovačič or Irfan Beširević, a political activist of the so called “erased”,  in Ljubljana. We had a great time with our cooperation partners Ksenjia and Zvonka from Zavod CCC, who gave us statements on nostalgia from their feminist point of view and who gave us the opportunity to listen to the wonderful revolutionary women’s choir “Grupa Kombinat”.  In Kumrovec, we were tracing the culture of memory that developed here around the birthplace of Tito, that became something like a place of pilgrimage for nostalgics.  There we found some pilgrims who told us about their special relationship to Tito and to this place,  a souvenir seller explained us that there is a new trend and that nostalgia seems to be changing: More and more young people are pilgriming to Kumrovec.  – Interesting!

We used the time between shooting for planning the shooting period in July/August, to develop new ideas for cooperations and pushing the project forward. And we took an afternoon to relax and went to the coastside.

Thanks so much to Elena Fajt, Mitja Velikonja and our other friends in Ljubljana for their support, thanks to Lexo for pampering us and to Sanna and her mother for hosting us in Klagenfurt!