On Sunday we took our day off, strolling through the beautiful city, enjoying life and taking time for ourselves. Of course, there were again things to organize… On Monday, with new energies, we took some beautiful shots and a great interview in the Tito Cafe in Sarajevo. The manager Emir told us how difficult life in BiH is and that Tito, despite of all possible criticism against the socialist system, has a very special meaning here. In the evening we were at Darkos place and interviewed him. He told us about his longings in life and especially about his journeys through former Yugoslavia where he always felt like being “home”.  After that we went again to Kino prvi Maja / Kino Bosna for an evening with Bosnian folk music. It is unbelievable – there we did not only meet our new Bosnian friends and a couple of new people, but also Anna and Goran by chance. We know them from our studies in Ljubljana 2006/2007!

Today we did some city shooting on the market and the city center, as well as we took some street interviews. Fahrudin who owns a bookshop is nostalgic, missing some basic values like free travelling, societal communication and more equality in society. He is writing books for children to make a better understanding and future for the next generation in BiH possible.

Here you can see a nice artistical picture of us three that Lidia from Zagreb sent us, the entrance of the Tito cafe and Josefin and Emir after the interview. Pictures of our work after yesterday afternoon are coming soon…


From Zagreb to Sarajevo

July 26, 2009

On Friday we found some more people to give us short statements in front of the camera. Jadranka, selling flowers on the market, explained us that Croatians would be a very tolerant people, but after what happened during war… On the contrary a young woman, Mirjana, told us that „everybody is YU-nostalgic“ – in her opinion it belongs to the identity of those who grew up in YU. We filmed some breakdancers in action and some city shots of controversial squares in Zagreb, like Trg zrtava fazisma or Trg Marsala Tita. In the afternoon we interviewed the Cold War historian Tvrtko Jakovina on Jugonostalgija. He is not nostalgic, but he wishes for a responsible dealing with the past: „Different from individuals, a state does not have the luxery to behave without responsibility“. And there could be much learned from the past for the sake of the future. Later we drove into the suburbs and took some shots from the Zagreb skyline at sunset – with a wonderful atmosphere.

Yesterday we had luck with the weather. It was cooler than the days before and so driving from Zagreb to Sarajevo was easy going. After the border in Bosnia we had our first incident with the police that stopped us because of a stop sign we hadn´t seen. So we made little aquaintance with the local way of getting things like that alright, „donating“ some money to the police. In the evening we arrived in Sarajevo. Film director Elvir welcomed us and brought us to his parents house. After a stroll through Sarajevo centre at night we met some really nice friends of Elvir in the alternative cinema place Kino Prvi maja Bosna.

Zagreb is challenging: It’s hot, inspiring and simply amazing! We’ve met so many great and wonderful people with exciting stories. On Wednesday we did some shootings in the old town and very colourful street interviews – market woman Teresia from Dolac market, young “children of war” Angelo, religous Margareta and inline-skating Lidia! Hvala vam najlepse! In the afternoon we’ve met the feminist activist Rada Boric from the Centar za zenske studije who stressed the social values and feminist aspects during socialist times – and who showed us that she’s a great networker. In the evening we visited my dear friend Antonija who is living in a huge village in the surrounding of Zagreb, her little son Marko and her two dogs Ben and Clea. It was such a pleasure to be with you! Thank you for hosting and pampering us. Kisses!

Today we’ve met Nenad Puhovski who is the director of Factum, the biggest independent production for documentaries in Croatia. He told us about the difficult situation of dealing with the past in Croatia and how problematic it is to broadcast or to discuss some topics. One example are the reactions on a documentary he produced a couple of years ago – “Storm over Croatia” is dealing with war crimes of the Croatian army that occured during Operation Oluja in 1995 in Krajina. Our receptionist Jasmina shared her opinion on the topic of Jugonostalgija with us – in her freetime she’s writing poetry and is connecting authors from the other ex-YU-countries. Later this afternoon we interviewed Ines Wurth who is living in L.A. She is an actrice hosting the one woman show “I miss communism” and has been travelling sucessfully around with it – with positive reactions. After that we’ve met Sandra Grubic from FADEiN – that stands for “Incredibly Good Institution”. FADEiN is producing and making critical and interventionist documentaries and reportages for the Croatian audience, Sandra is one of the journalists who dares to touch the hot topics.

In the evening we shot some more city atmosphere. In between of all this shooting we are hanging around in our hostel, mostly very tired, eating, taking naps or showers and getting everything organized – and enjoying being here on a wonderful trip meeting great people!

Ljubljana II -> Zagreb

July 21, 2009

Yesterday was a long day: In the morning we’ve met our dear Irfan, who belongs to the so-called “Erased”. Shortly after we had an interview with Lana and Jasna at Metelkova. Both are working at the Peace institute and Club Gromka in Ljubljana and gave us deep insights in their personal relationship to YU-nostalgia.

In the afternoon we took a break (with food at Harambasa) and we’ve been nostalgic ourselves for our time studying here in Ljubljana in 2006/2007.

Later and in the evening we took some short takes at the city to reflect the atmosphere at Ljubljana: the market, Presernov trg, Trg republike, some statues and a great view from the castle.  And of course: organizing, organizing! After a long and sunny day we fell to bed early. Today we were heading to Zagreb, our next station! [We just arrived. It’s hot – but lovely :-)]

Filming in Ljubljana

July 19, 2009

P7190259We had a relaxing and wonderful weekend at Georgs and Kerstin’s place in Klagenfurt/Celovec (with a really beautiful garden!) that we used mostly for relaxation and preparations for our shooting trip. It was so great at your place, thanks for your warm hospitality! Hvala lepa! On the left you can see Georg, our dear Lexo, Sanna and Josefin.

This afternoon we arrived in Ljubljana. Again, we are accomodated at FajtFlet (thanks to Elena and Mitja!).

P7190265In the beautiful evening light we shot some city images and had exciting interviews with more or less nostalgic people on the streets of Ljubljana (by the way: the woman on the left is Nada giving us an interview :-))

Later we were at Metelkova, a squatted former barrack that is today an artist/alternative place for young people. There, in a bar called Jalla Jalla (thanks to Wasim!) we filmed some YU-nostalgic pictures and had more interviews and interesting philosophical chats on the topic and from themes like communism, Rosa Luxemburg and the European social history.  After such an inspiring day we want to thank Nada, Barbara, Sasa and Petra, Nejc and Ales!P7190274


Drzite se!

Tracing Jugonostalgija

July 15, 2009

First of all: Good news before we’re departing for the trip! We got the positive news that our film will be screened at a academic conference at the university of Graz in June 2010!

But back to present times: From 16th July to 11th August 2009 the film collective is tracing the phenomenon of Jugonostalgija in the region! Sanna, Josefin and I will meet in Klagenfurt to prepare our white bully, from there we’ll go to Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Besenovo (a small village close to Novi Sad) and then back to Ljubljana and Klagenfurt. On our journey through the former Yugoslavia, we’ll meet inspiring people for interviews, visit the most nostalgic places and ask anti-nostalgics as well as nostalgics for their attitudes, memories and opinions. In advance: Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who give us their support or a “short-time home” during the shooting period. Without people like you the project wouldn’t be possible!

We’re getting started: Three girls, a bit more then three weeks, one bully, one camera!

More about our adventures on the traces of Jugonostalgia… coming soon…