Tracing Jugonostalgija

July 15, 2009

First of all: Good news before we’re departing for the trip! We got the positive news that our film will be screened at a academic conference at the university of Graz in June 2010!

But back to present times: From 16th July to 11th August 2009 the film collective is tracing the phenomenon of Jugonostalgija in the region! Sanna, Josefin and I will meet in Klagenfurt to prepare our white bully, from there we’ll go to Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Besenovo (a small village close to Novi Sad) and then back to Ljubljana and Klagenfurt. On our journey through the former Yugoslavia, we’ll meet inspiring people for interviews, visit the most nostalgic places and ask anti-nostalgics as well as nostalgics for their attitudes, memories and opinions. In advance: Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who give us their support or a “short-time home” during the shooting period. Without people like you the project wouldn’t be possible!

We’re getting started: Three girls, a bit more then three weeks, one bully, one camera!

More about our adventures on the traces of Jugonostalgia… coming soon…


One Response to “Tracing Jugonostalgija”

  1. Siggi said

    I wish u 3 a good and interesting trip! sanna see u sonn! siggi

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