Beating the heat in Zagreb

July 23, 2009

Zagreb is challenging: It’s hot, inspiring and simply amazing! We’ve met so many great and wonderful people with exciting stories. On Wednesday we did some shootings in the old town and very colourful street interviews – market woman Teresia from Dolac market, young “children of war” Angelo, religous Margareta and inline-skating Lidia! Hvala vam najlepse! In the afternoon we’ve met the feminist activist Rada Boric from the Centar za zenske studije who stressed the social values and feminist aspects during socialist times – and who showed us that she’s a great networker. In the evening we visited my dear friend Antonija who is living in a huge village in the surrounding of Zagreb, her little son Marko and her two dogs Ben and Clea. It was such a pleasure to be with you! Thank you for hosting and pampering us. Kisses!

Today we’ve met Nenad Puhovski who is the director of Factum, the biggest independent production for documentaries in Croatia. He told us about the difficult situation of dealing with the past in Croatia and how problematic it is to broadcast or to discuss some topics. One example are the reactions on a documentary he produced a couple of years ago – “Storm over Croatia” is dealing with war crimes of the Croatian army that occured during Operation Oluja in 1995 in Krajina. Our receptionist Jasmina shared her opinion on the topic of Jugonostalgija with us – in her freetime she’s writing poetry and is connecting authors from the other ex-YU-countries. Later this afternoon we interviewed Ines Wurth who is living in L.A. She is an actrice hosting the one woman show “I miss communism” and has been travelling sucessfully around with it – with positive reactions. After that we’ve met Sandra Grubic from FADEiN – that stands for “Incredibly Good Institution”. FADEiN is producing and making critical and interventionist documentaries and reportages for the Croatian audience, Sandra is one of the journalists who dares to touch the hot topics.

In the evening we shot some more city atmosphere. In between of all this shooting we are hanging around in our hostel, mostly very tired, eating, taking naps or showers and getting everything organized – and enjoying being here on a wonderful trip meeting great people!


2 Responses to “Beating the heat in Zagreb”

  1. said

    hi team,

    with this kind of diary i can really follow your work.

    all the best

    looking forward to read next episode 😀

  2. Lidija Štromar said

    Bok cure! Stvarno mi se sviđa vaš projekt, i vaš rad tj. način rada. Fotke su oslične isto kao i vaša iskustva kroz njih koje gledam. Želim vam sve najbolje u daljnjem radu. Ugodno i uživajuće ljeto! Pozdrav od Lidije.

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