From Zagreb to Sarajevo

July 26, 2009

On Friday we found some more people to give us short statements in front of the camera. Jadranka, selling flowers on the market, explained us that Croatians would be a very tolerant people, but after what happened during war… On the contrary a young woman, Mirjana, told us that „everybody is YU-nostalgic“ – in her opinion it belongs to the identity of those who grew up in YU. We filmed some breakdancers in action and some city shots of controversial squares in Zagreb, like Trg zrtava fazisma or Trg Marsala Tita. In the afternoon we interviewed the Cold War historian Tvrtko Jakovina on Jugonostalgija. He is not nostalgic, but he wishes for a responsible dealing with the past: „Different from individuals, a state does not have the luxery to behave without responsibility“. And there could be much learned from the past for the sake of the future. Later we drove into the suburbs and took some shots from the Zagreb skyline at sunset – with a wonderful atmosphere.

Yesterday we had luck with the weather. It was cooler than the days before and so driving from Zagreb to Sarajevo was easy going. After the border in Bosnia we had our first incident with the police that stopped us because of a stop sign we hadn´t seen. So we made little aquaintance with the local way of getting things like that alright, „donating“ some money to the police. In the evening we arrived in Sarajevo. Film director Elvir welcomed us and brought us to his parents house. After a stroll through Sarajevo centre at night we met some really nice friends of Elvir in the alternative cinema place Kino Prvi maja Bosna.


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