Learning about life in Sarajevo

July 28, 2009

On Sunday we took our day off, strolling through the beautiful city, enjoying life and taking time for ourselves. Of course, there were again things to organize… On Monday, with new energies, we took some beautiful shots and a great interview in the Tito Cafe in Sarajevo. The manager Emir told us how difficult life in BiH is and that Tito, despite of all possible criticism against the socialist system, has a very special meaning here. In the evening we were at Darkos place and interviewed him. He told us about his longings in life and especially about his journeys through former Yugoslavia where he always felt like being “home”.  After that we went again to Kino prvi Maja / Kino Bosna for an evening with Bosnian folk music. It is unbelievable – there we did not only meet our new Bosnian friends and a couple of new people, but also Anna and Goran by chance. We know them from our studies in Ljubljana 2006/2007!

Today we did some city shooting on the market and the city center, as well as we took some street interviews. Fahrudin who owns a bookshop is nostalgic, missing some basic values like free travelling, societal communication and more equality in society. He is writing books for children to make a better understanding and future for the next generation in BiH possible.

Here you can see a nice artistical picture of us three that Lidia from Zagreb sent us, the entrance of the Tito cafe and Josefin and Emir after the interview. Pictures of our work after yesterday afternoon are coming soon…


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