From Sarajevo to Belgrade… getting an insight

August 2, 2009

Tuesday was a day of little disasters – I lost Aleksandras camera, the door of the garage got broken and fell on our car, and our film camera fell down because of the broken leg of our tripod that refuses to work anymore… After a couple of shocks, we did some great city and panorama shots (despite of all that!) and met active and optimistic Aida in the evening, who is working in the (I)NGO sector of Sarajevo now for about ten years. On Wednesday we had an early interview with taxi driver Hasan, who told us his impressing story: He saved the life of a Bosnian Serb soldier during the siege of Sarajevo. For him, nothing is more important than helping each other, that is the greatest and bravest thing somebody can do to him. And he is of the opinion that Bosnia is a „little Jugoslavija“. Hasan brought us to Svetlana Broz, who is the granddaughter of Josip Broz Tito. During the war in Bosnia and Herzegowina she as cardiologist decided to volunteer in BiH, there she collected the stories people told her. Out of that she wrote a book: „Good people in evil time“ that is dealing with interethnic help, braveness and friendship across ethnic borders. Svetlana Broz is now leading the NGO Gariwo that is working on citizens activism, especially on youth empowerment and education. After that we went to the historical museum of Sarajevo and visited above all the exhibition on the life of Sarajevans during the siege. In the evening we did a little thank you/farewell-party at Darkos place and cooked for our new friends from Sarajevo that were caring about us that nicely: Elvir and his girlfriend Christiana, Darko, Denis, Fedja and his girlfriend Alma.

On Thursday we said goodbye to Sarajevo by strolling around in Bascarscija touristically, but not without having interviewed Aida on her opinion on Jugonostalgija, on the problems and future of Bosnia. Quickly we took some city shots at Bascarscija, before having a last coffee. After packing we were departing in the afternoon – after Elvir, Darko, Denis and Fedja showed up suprisingly to say goodbye. Thanks guys, it was a great time with you! We will come back soon, for sure, latest with the documentary *wink!

Late at night after a long and quite slow drive to Belgrade we arrived at Liljana and Pedjas place who are hosting us for the next days. Friday we took a day off. I met my dear friend Iva, Josefin and I strolled through the city center while Aleksandra got orientation being the first time in Belgrade and seeking for some swimming at Ada Ciganlija – it’s hot again: 35 degrees Celsius!

Yesterday, after a relaxed breakfast we had an interview with the historian Predrag J. Markovic who wrote about the „seven S-values of socialistic nostalgia“, explained us the meaning of Tito for the region and the change of popular culture in the last years. After that we did some interesting detail shots at the „House of Flowers“ where Tito is buried. Every year about 150.000 people are coming to visit it and the museum around! Later we had an vivid conversation and a beautiful interview with the andragogy expert Katarina Popovic, who is working on a history project for the region. In the evening we went out with our hosts to a concert of Dado Tolic in Novi Beograd, a typical rockstar from YU-times.

Pictures: Children’s books writer Fahrudin with Josefin, taxi driver Hasan, in interview with Svetlana Broz, our host Elvir and his girlfriend Christiana, Josefin and Aida, we three having our last coffee in Sarajevo, Josefin’s magically looking but sweaty bus driving in Belgrade, Predrag Markovic with a statue of Tito, Sanna and I hiding, interview with Katarina Popovic, our hosts Liljana and Pedja during the concert.


2 Responses to “From Sarajevo to Belgrade… getting an insight”

  1. Isabella Koller said

    schön, eure reise sozusagen hautnah miterleben zu können! ihr werdet sicher richtig spannendes material zusammen bekommen! passt gut auf euch auf
    alles liebe

  2. tom said

    kompliment für die reiseberichte!

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