‘Happy End’ and a story that is to be continued

August 13, 2009

On Monday we had a wonderful Balkan-style farewell dinner – thanks to the vegetables, meat and fruits from Juliska and her garden in Vojvodina – with our hosts Kerstin and Georg, Aleksandras family and friends. On Tuesday we had our last interview with Adnan, who told us about his experiences researching in Northern Bosnia on the history of the recent war (in his diploma thesis) and on Jugo-/Tito-Nostalgia (now for his Ph.D. thesis).  Funny were his findings on the increasing popularity of the brand “Tito” that is now producing Tito soap, food etc. Especially interesting for us was his personal relationship to Jugonostalgia – Adnan was born in Bihac and has vivid childhood memories. Besides of that we agreed on that Jugonostalgia is mostly a projection of the “ideal good life”.

After the interview in Ferlach we headed to the train station / the airport. Now we are back home – Josefin in Berlin, Aleksandra in Klagenfurt(Celovec)/Vienna and I in Marburg. Our journey was great, impressing, with smaller and bigger adventures and wonderful people and stories along our way. I want to thank all people who supported us and who made our trip to what it was.

But even when the journey ended – we and our project are continuing!


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