Post-production: Making the film

May 4, 2010

Longtime not read! But despite of not reporting the team was really busy in the meantime. The post-production is running! And now the post-production process is slowly coming to its end… with a lot of good friends and professional support.

Our wonderful cutter Branka Pavlović is our secret weapon: She is selecting, organising and presenting our material in a very creative way. Branka is the perfect match for our team [Now its 4 women making the film!]. She is from Belgrade by birth, studied there film and TV editing at the University of Arts, she worked in various film productions, art projects and for the Belgrade-based TV station B92. In 2009 she finished a Master in „Art in Context“ at the University of Arts in Berlin, Germany.  She is very interested in the topic of YU-nostalgia, can sing the old YU-Rock songs by heart and has an impressive work experience and was honored for her work with different prices.

But not only Branka is working – we have a lot of helping hands! Our translators are translating the interviews for the subtitles, with musician Nicolae and his accordion we found the right atmosphere and sound for the film music, the audio-post-production is done by Janja Loncar in Belgrade, and Till and Christopher from Schneider&Hahn are working for our graphical presentation. And, for the post-production, we got some funding by the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation! Thanks to the support to all of you!

Presentations of the documentary

The world premier of the documentary will be on the 12th of June at the Karl Franzens University of Graz, Austria, in the context of the International Conference „Area Studies in a Globalizing World” !

On the 7th of July there will be the second presentation of the documentary at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, within the scope of an academic symposium on the topic of Jugonostalgia and post-socialist cultures of memory. More information is coming soon!


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